Yunnan black tea High grade

Yunnan black tea also known as dian hong tea is made in China's yunnan province. Dian hong wins the market as its "shape beauty, good color, high fragrance, taste thick" in many types of black teas in China. Since the strong flavor and dark color, Chinese black tea also named red tea. Black tea benefits are not only for weight loss but also for preventing heart and liver disease.

More details

Yunnan black tea is a full-fermented tea type, also known as dian hong tea from the black tea suppliers in China. The very knowledgeable black tea suppliers say Yunnan Black tea is first produced over 1500 years ago, making it one of the oldest teas. This strong Yunnan black tea has a spicy aroma and yields an orange-reddish cup. Black tea supplier suggests yunnan black tea is good after dinner and can also be enjoyed with milk.

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