White peony tea high grade

White peony tea is harvested with one bud and two leaves, white peony tea has more slightly darker and stronger taste than other Chinese white tea , most people like to buy white tea since the unique health benefits of white tea . 

More details

White peony tea high grade consists of buds and leaves picked from great white tea plant in the early spring, sometimes blended with buds and leaves plucked from daffodil plant. The silvery bud is enfolded by green leaves, and it looks like a flower. When steeped, the green leaves unfold resembling petals of a peony blossom. That just as an inchoately blooming white peony, hence the tea is named "white peony tea".
As a white tea supplier in China, our white peony tea is naturally fresh in aroma, and light yellow or orange yellow in color, refreshing and mellow in taste.

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