White teas

White tea is completely unfermented and remains the most nutrition due to its simple processing. Chinese white tea is even sweeter than green tea. There are many health benefits of white tea. 

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What is white tea?-White tea is a rare tea and was firstly created in Fuding County in 1796. The history of white teas manufacturing is shorter than other tea types. The low-caffeine delicacy of white teas is the most minimally-processed of all tea varietals - the buds are neither rolled nor oxidized, and must be carefully monitored as they are dried. White teas benefits are very well-know.

What is white tea? - White teas is slightly fermented tea; it is created by the Han nationality famer in China.  White teas refers to a kind of harvest, without editing or rolling, only after drying or slow fire dry processing of tea.

What is white tea? -White tea buds and shoots milli, taste fresh, looked green and clear, the quality characteristics of the sweet taste of light.

What is white tea?-according white tea type
There are four main well-know white teas: white silver needle, white peony, gongmei and soumei.

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