Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea

Tanyang Congfu black tea comes from Fujian fuan, strong fresh taste, light sweet aroma and bright red soup. This kind of black tea like other China black teas has special type of high-grade tea, and common class kung fu tea. Since the strong flavor and dark color, Chinese black tea also named red tea. Black tea benefits are not only for weight loss but also for preventing heart and liver disease.

More details

Tanyang Kung fu tea is given a fine plucking of one bud and one leaf, a spelling variation of Kung Fu tea meaning “skillfully made" and is sorted into four grades of quality. This kung fu tea is King of Golden Needle is the finest leaf with the largest amount of tip. anyang Kung fu tea is a slightly larger leaf with fewer tips, and Golden Crab is larger again. From a black tea wholesaler’s opinion the Tanyang Kung fu tea is the largest leaf with the least amount of tip but the most concentrated flavor. Black tea wholesaler suggests Tanyang Kung fu tea is good after dinner and can also be enjoyed with milk.