Milk oolong tea / jin xuan oolong tea

We are a premium oolong tea supplier in China and wholesales many types of Taiwan oolong teas. High mountain oolong tea is with good shape, green color, taste glycol, and resistant to brew. Milk oolong tea also known as jinxuan oolong tea is good Chinese oolong tea has many benefits and hot wholesale.

More details

Milk Oolong Tea (Jin xuan Oolong Tea) only began in Taiwan in the mid 19th century. Milk oolong tea appearances tight junction and neatly, leaf curl into beads, fresh blackish green color, quality worthy of affirmation. After brewing Jin xuan Oolong Tea is clear and bright, the color is honey yellow, thick smell sweet, docile, glycol into the throat, and slight baked flavor and slightly sweet incense. Milk oolong tea produced in high altitude; grow in the cloud curling upwards in the natural environment. Jin xuan Oolong Tea is pure manual harvesting selection of tea qingsong, has mellow taste and flavor.