Ginseng square tea bags

Square tea bags or transparents are woven from 100% polylactic acid yarn and biodegradable. The biodegradable tea bags create a space better view and more conducive to getting the best flavor out of long-leaf tea without grinding up the leaves. As a tea bag supplier we offer many types of  tea bags for loose tea.

More details

Ginseng oolong tea bag is used the ginseng scented oolong tea. This herbal tea bag use the superior oolong tea mixed Ginseng oolong tea bag use superior oolong tea mixed with ginseng roots to produce a delicious tea that nourishes your body and replenishes your energy. This herbal tea bag has a rich crisp oolong taste with a strong pleasing ginseng aftertaste. Ginseng oolong tea bag has long been renowned as a medicinal herbal tea bag, this herbal tea bag is a cool and refreshing drank hot or cooled.