chrysanthemum pu-erh pyramid tea bags

Pyramid Tea Bags or silk tea bags are woven from 100% polylactic acid yarn and biodegradable. The tea bags for loose tea create a three-dimensional space better view and more conducive to getting the best flavor out of long-leaf tea without grinding up the leaves. As a tea bag supplier we offer many types of  tea bags for loose tea. 

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Our chrysanthemum pu-erh tea bag is known as a post-fermentation secondary oxidation blended tea bag. This blended tea bag is more commonly referred to as ripened or cooked pu-erh tea. The chrysanthemum pu-erh blended tea bag lends a light and sweet floral note to the more earthy and mellow pu-erh flavors. The high grade Pu-erh tea of this chrysanthemum pu-erh tea bag is produced as it has been historically in the Yunnan Province of China.

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