Oolong teas

Oolong tea also named wulong tea which is a cross between black and green tea in color and taste. Chinese oolong is a kind of semi-fermented tea and partly oxidized. Many oolong teas after baking procedures can be high-quality, tea rich and mellow taste, some types can be brewing 10times. Oolong tea wholesales business is very hot since the oolong tea benefits especially for weight loss.

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What is oolong tea?- Oolong teas also named wulong teas, it is a kind of semi-fermented teas and full-fermented teas, there are various best oolong teas, it is created in 1725.

What is oolong tea?-according the stories of the name. There are many legends about the name of oolong teas: one for the origin place. Secondly, tea tree type; Three to come for the inventor’s name; Four the oolong teas’ color and form.
Famous best oolong teas varieties: Tieguanyin oolong teas, Dahongpao oolong teas, etc.

What is oolong tea?-It is after harvest, the withering, tossing, stir fixation, rolling, baking processing to make the best oolong teas. Tooth cheek stay sweet after taste, aftertaste pleasant delicacy. Oolong teas pharmacological effects, outstanding performance in the decomposition of fat, weight loss, fitness, etc.

The best oolong teas baking: Reduce the water content between 4% - 6%, storage period of quality deterioration and to prevent the old tea tasting.

What is oolong tea? -In Japan Oolong teas is known as "beauty tea", “health best oolong tea". Oolong tea is a special tea in China.

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