Jing Mai Arbor Pu-erh Tea

Yunnan pu-erh tea is called "after oxidized tea". Chinese pu-erh tea is a famous dark tea , and pu-erh tea weight loss effect is very well-known.

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This jing mai arbor pu-erh tea is the best pu-erh tea type. Jing Mai Arbor pu-erh tea is delicate and every cup comes with a distinctive fresh fragrance. The careful grading, artisan craftsmanship and clean processing of our sun-dried green tea lends our Jing Mai Arbor pu-erh tea as the best pu-erh tea has unique and smooth character reminiscent of honey and fruit. The best pu-erh teas are good for long term aging in the proper conditions and also taste superb within the same year of harvest. This best pu-erh tea is a treat and like a good wine it should be slowly drunk while the leaves settle down in the cup. Jing Mai Arbor pu-erh tea has a strong brown color and distinctive liquorish taste. The pure aroma of this Jing Mai Arbor pu-erh tea is very soothing so that it is well worth tasting it for you!

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