Menghai Royal Pu-erh Tea

Yunnan pu-erh tea is called "after oxidized tea". Chinese pu-erh tea is a famous dark tea , and pu-erh tea weight loss effect is very well-known.

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The aged royal pu-erh tea also called 'Palace Pu-erh'. This Menghai royal pu-erh tea is manufactured by selecting aged Pu-erh. Both surface and inside parts are the best royal pu-erh tea. As a special royal pu-erh tea, it was long an annual "tribute" tea to the imperial court of China. Menghai royal pu-erh tea has a high concentration of golden buds. Royal pu-erh tea’s weight loss properties and superior flavor make this tea a favorite of both the seasoned Pu-erh drinker and the beginner. 

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