Pu-erh tea 2nd Grade

Yunnan pu-erh tea is called "after oxidized tea". Chinese pu-erh tea is a famous dark tea , and pu-erh tea weight loss effect is very well-known.

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Black pu-erh tea comes from Yunnan, China, and a region known for producing best Pu-Erh tea. Black pu-erh tea has a dark orange color and a moderately earthy aroma with roasted undertones. Black pu-erh tea will open your palate to a very new experience and whilst also giving you plenty of health benefits. Black pu-erh tea is a treat and like a good wine it should be slowly drunk while the leaves settle down in the cup, and you will find it has a mild roasted taste and the lingering aftertaste is faintly earthy. 

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