Longjing green tea Grade 2

Longjing tea also called dragon well tea, it is the one of the best green teas in China, it has special green color, sweet taste and fragrant aroma. Chinese green tea health benefits are often lauded by many people in the worldwide.

More details

Dragon well green tea flourishes in the mountainous area where mild climate and plentiful rainfall are plentiful year-round. The high quality types of green tea leaves picked before Grain Rain are fairly good and are called Yuqian Tea. The selection process of high quality types of green tea leaves is very strict. Only the delicate and complete high quality types of green tea leaves are to be picked. After the fresh leaves have been picked, tea makers should first grade them, as different qualities of leaves need to be dealt with different temperature and techniques.
The Dragon well green tea belongs to one of the traditional types of green tea and produced in Zhejiang Hangzhou, it has a long history, as early as the tang dynasty.

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