Keemun black tea Grade 2

Keemun black tea or Qimen black tea is one of the world's three best black teas. Keemun tea is one of the leading products of Chinese congou distributed abroad market. Since the strong flavor and dark color, Chinese black tea also named red tea. Black tea benefits are not only for weight loss but also for preventing heart and liver disease.

More details

This premium black tea is from the southern Anhui province in China. Qimen black tea also named Qimen black tea; it is a traditional premium black tea. Qimen black tea produced in the late 19th century, is one of the three high aroma of premium black teas in the world, Qimen black tea has the "Premium black tea", "the best tea", "King cha" reputation. Qimen black tea according to its quality is divided into 1 ~ 7 grades, mainly produced in qimen county, anhui province, Qimen black tea has been China's tea ceremony many years. Keemun has a sweet orchid aroma and a dark orange color. Qimen black tea leaf is small, dark and twisted, like a favorite novel.

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