Jasmine silver needle tea

Jasmine green tea also called jasmine scented tea. Jasmine flower tea is used by green tea and jasmine flowers. Chinese jasmine tea also named jasmine scented tea. Especially Russian likes to buy jasmine tea from China as the pleasant scent.

More details

Jasmine silver needle tea is used the baked green tea of the large-medium leaf and fresh jasmine flowers as its raw materials and fumigates them delicately, it is the best jasmine tea. Jasmine silver needled tea smells pure and fragrant, looks solid and slender just like needle. This jasmine silver needle tea taste is delicate, yet pronounced, with a long balanced sweetness. Tea lovers describe it as "white likes cloud, green likes dream, pure like snow, aromatic like orchid". When infusing jasmine silver need tea, every bud stands in the cup upright just like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. 

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