Jasmine teas

Chinese jasmine tea also named jasmine scented tea. Chinese jasmine tea has a good reputation of "the tea can make you smell the spring". Jasmine tea is blended by green tea or white tea and jasmine flowers, scenting, and the tea absorption flower aroma, sweet tea and jasmine incense fuses in together, it is health scented tea.

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Jasmine tea is one of the top ten teas in China. Jasmine teas are made from the spring blooming jasmine flower and green tea, it has the fragrance of spring flowers and the taste of the fresh tea, and the special sweet taste is very welcomed. Jasmine tea is honored as the most fragrant and popular scented Chinese tea in the world.
Jasmine tea benefits 1: Jasmine teas including powerful anti-oxidants which may strengthen your immune system.
Jasmine tea benefits 2: Jasmine teas is to make people refreshed, and de-stress from tension.
Jasmine tea benefits 3: Drinking jasmine teas other benefits are not only raise beauty, whitening skin and also resistant to ageing.
Jasmine tea benefits 4: Jasmine teas also can clean the human stomach, lower blood pressure and blood lipid
Jasmine tea benefits 5: Jasmine teas also have to resist bacteria and virus huge role and effect for the treatment of cancer.

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