Jasmine pearl tea

Jasmine dragon pearl tea is used by green tea with jasmine flower. Jasmine pearl tea is as small ball shape. Chinese jasmine tea also named jasmine scented tea. Especially Russian likes to buy jasmine tea from China as the pleasant scent.

More details

Jasmine tea pearls also named jasmine dragon pearl tea, it is a famous tea type produced in Fuzhou. Jasmine tea Pearls is made of the youngest leaf tips scented with fresh jasmine blossoms 8~10 times and hand rolled into famous tea pearls yielding an intense, slightly sweet, floral flavor. When steeped, these superior-quality new leaf tips have a sweet jasmine aroma and a flavor you can only get from the very freshest jasmine tea pearls. Jasmine tea Pearls is round and tight famous tea has fresh thick aroma, taste mellow, yellow-bright infusion soup.

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