Mixiang dan cong oolong tea

Mixiang dan cong oolong tea is produced in Phoenix Mountain. It is an ecological health Guang dong oolong tea. Oolong tea wholesale business is very hot all the time since the oolong tea benefits especially for weight loss.

More details

Mixiang dan cong tea is grown from Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong Province China. It is also known as phoenix tea, was a tribute tea for the emperor during the Song Dynasty. Phoenix tea has long dark brown leaves. Mixiang dan cong tea is an oolong tea with long, twisted leaves. When infused, the gentle natural floral aroma and mellow, brisk taste will farthest satisfy your palate and nose. When brewed Phoenix tea produces light yellow liquor with floral fragrance and honey peach taste. Mixiang dan cong tea is the best Guangdong oolong tea type; Phoenix tea has a natural fragrance, rhyme, honey, flavor, refreshing, sweet, and resistant to brew.

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