Sencha green tea

Japanese sencha green tea means the leaves removing by steam machine in the process of green tea manufacturing. There are many varieties of greenteas.  The green tea leaves are steamed immediately after harvesting andchopping.Some green teas have a little sweetness taste. Chinese green tea health benefits are often lauded by many people in the worldwide. 

More details

Japanese sencha green tea (Brown Rice Green Tea) that combines popped brown rice kernels, corn, and tender green tea. This Japanese sencha green tea has a mild taste of green tea with a hint of roasted rice that some find close to the taste of popcorn. This Japanese sencha green tea is one of the most popular teas at restaurants in Japan. Japanese sencha green tea is also called “poor man’s brown rice green tea” is made from freshly-picked organic Japanese sencha tea tossed with toasted rice kernels, creating a grassy jade infusion with a finish of lightly roasted popcorn.