Green teas

Chinese green tea is picked the new tip leaves, after rolling and drying processes made. After brewing soup are green, people named it green tea. Green tea health benefits are often lauded by many people in the worldwide.

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Green tea is one of the major types of green teas in China, refers to take tea leaves or bud, without fermentation, after editing, shaping, drying and other typical technology made. Green teas' color are as same as the fresh tea leaves. Many types of green tea can prevent cancer, reducing blood fat and good for weight loss; it is also can reduce nicotine damage for the smokers.
How to make green teas? Step 1: Fixation Fixation decides the quality of the greentea.
How to make green teas? Step 2: Stir fixation Divided into many types of green tea shapes, such as long shape green teas, round shape green teas, flat shape green teas and so on
How to make green teas? Step 3: Drying Green tea is made of drying process. Most types of green teas are after reprocessing refined.
How to make green teas? Step 4: Steaming: Steamed green tea is fixation for the steam; the use of steam to subvert the fresh leaves of enzyme activity, formatting the deep green colour of the dried green teas.

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