Brocade flowering tea ball

Flower  tea also known as flowering tea ball refers to use the tea and edible flowers as raw material, strapping to different flowers.

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Brocade blossoming tea is made of fresh spring crops of Tanyang Congou and marigold. Brocade blossoming tea is made by skilled Chinese Artisans by hand to produce a delicately aromatic, flavourful cup of tea. This brocade blossoming tea is with unique appearance and splendid infusion view of Brocade. Brocade blossoming tea ball and beautiful chrysanthemum is opening resplendently in water as a piece of delicate brocade made by fairy. Meanwhile, jasmine flower is floating upon them which make this view livelier. The aroma of brocade blossoming tea is rich and refreshing, the taste is with strong and fragrance long-lasting. You will be able to smell the nature mellow of the tea and flower with an art enjoyment. Also, the tea and the natural flower have some medicinal health benefits to human.

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, Gomphrena globosa, Lily, Black tea

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