Chen jianzhang, already can't remember the last time down the tea trees, since many years, has been from the mountainside, round-trip path to the top of the mountain tea plantations. The busiest fresh tea season of the year is finally over. When you have a cup of tea, looked at the tea leaves ups and downs in the water, Chen's face relaxed expression of this a few months.

Tea mountains seclusion with Chinese famous green teas live

Chinese famous green teas also can be named " reassurance” but in dealing with tea tree Chen tours the green tea mountains every day. Longjing green tea leaf is fresh, thick and with green color, the aroma and taste is fresh, it is best refreshing one of the Chinese famous green teas.

Chinese famous green teas have their special characteristics. Monkey chief green tea than orchid sweet, biluochun green tea has e flower aroma, even longjing tea’s aroma seems to be not famous enough, but it is a rare quality type of Chinese famous green teas. 

There are too many "Chinese famous green teas, compared with other green teas, dragon well green tea's fame may not be so big, but various advantages of high quality green tea, is absolutely, it is a cup of pure tasting, delicious, healthy and famous green tea."