high quality tea of biluochunIt’s time of the fresh high quality tea of Biluochun green tea season, the most high quality tea "biluochun" from suzhou wuzhong Dongting Mountain. High quality tea "Biluochun" has always been a good catch. The reporter learns yesterday, last year in suzhou, high quality tea from Dongting mountain "biluochun” crop production is expected to increase by thirty percent this year. If no accident, this high quality tea biluochun is expected to be picking later this month.

Yesterday morning, in a piece of tea garden in Xishan Island, low tea tree leaf has emerged in the bud." As long as the sun drying, tea tree sprout speeding fast." Tea farmers, according to the length of the shoots from now, "biluochun" can be starting to pick around March 20th. Bisk said, according to the weather, the high quality tea "biluochun" may can be picking on March 15th, it's just considering the taste of tea, he purposely late picking, "we now know not the sooner the better, too early to be picking may not sell good price."

It is understood that at present there are tea plantations area of 30000 mu, Wuzhong district in 2014 in the production of about 300 tons of tea. Although the production of the high quality tea "biluochun" this year compared with last year is expected to rise by about 30%, confirmed prices have to wait after picking, to determine the comprehensive cost, artificial, and the market situation, the new high quality tea biluochun price is expected to last year.