Yesterday learned from the provincial agriculture department, our province tea export unit price of $10.62 per kg, it is higher than the national average tea export unit price more than doubled, last year in the process of foreign tea trade, there was no quality complaints and disputes cases at all
Chinese tea exports prices
In recent years, big province Hubei is a veritable tea area, tea exports have hit a record high, in 2014, Hubei tea exports of 8372 tons, it is 1.7 times of 2010, the export value of $88.92 million is 4.6 times that of 2010, just only one step away from the export target of $one hundred million of the five years planning task of the Hubei province tea industry, the national ranking from the 12th 2010, rising to the top five.

Tea prices rising benefit from standardized tea garden construction and high-quality tea plate base construction. More than 70 counties in our province, more than 80 farmers tea production, the department of agriculture for more than 10 key tea-producing county for the project support and track inspection, the province's existing tea plantations are met or exceeded the standard non-polluted tea production, organic tea garden area of 700000 acres, has more than 40 Chinese tea exporters got the certification of organic tea, and this has provided the safeguard for the safety and quality of the tea.