Eternal Love Blooming Tea ball

Bloom tea also known as blooming tea ball refers to use the tea and edible flowers as raw material, strapping to different flowers.

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Eternal love blooming tea unveils a Globe amaranth flower and two jasmine poles in the water after blooming. Eternal love blooming tea seems two people are in the love at first sight in the scene of mutual appreciation. The aroma of eternal love blooming tea is rich and refreshing, the taste is with strong and fragrance long-lasting. You will be able to smell the nature mellow of the tea and flower with an art enjoyment. Also, the tea and the natural flower have some medicinal health benefits to human. Eternal love blooming tea is really a sumptuous spectacle for your tongue and for your eyeballs!

Ingredients: Jasmine Flower, Gomphrena globosa, Silver Needle green tea

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