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Since the strong flavor and dark color, Chinese black tea also named red tea. Black tea benefits are not only for weight loss but also for preventing heart and liver disease.

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Black tea also named red tea; it is a full-fermented tea type. Red tea is made of the sprout leaves as raw material, processing through the withering, rolling (cut), fermentation, drying processes etc. The withering process is very important at the beginning of black teas, at first red teas is named as "black teas". The name of black tea is from the red color of the tea liquor and tea leaves.

The mainly Chinese black tea varieties include: Keemum (qimen) tea, Diangong black tea, Yue Black tea, Chuanhong Black tea, Tanyang, Bailin and English black tea. And Keemum (qimen) red tea is the most famous. Red tea is second largest tea type in China.

In the manufacturing process of black teas the tea polyphenols enzymatic oxidation centered chemical reaction; chemical composition of fresh leaves change is much more, tea polyphenols reduce more than 90%, and it produce theaflavins, tea red pigment more fresh aroma. The characters of red tea are black tea leaves, red soup, sweet and fresh tasting.

The ancestor of red tea is China; the first red tea type is from the tea farmer’s invention of fujian wuyi mountain tea in China's Ming dynasty called "lapsang souchong black tea". Tongmuguan village Wuyi Mountain is the origin of lapsang souchong, it has been 400 years of history.

Lapsang souchong red tea exported to Europe in 1610. Since then, black tea was brought into the British Palace; drink black teas quickly became an indispensable part of the British royal life. In the early days of London market, there just sold lapsang souchong red tea and it is very expensive, only the riches drink this tea. Lapsang souchong became a indispensable drinks in the British society. British people love black teas, gradually to drink red tea evolved into a noble black tea culture, and promote it to all over the world.

In 1689, the British set a base in Xiamen, China; they purchased a large number of the best Chinese black teas. Since the acquired tea is belong to semi-fermented black tea "wuyi tea", a large number of wuyi tea imported into the UK, has replaced the original green tea market, and soon became the mainstream in the Western Europe market. As the Wuyi tea’s dark black clour, it is called "Black tea". Later, the tea professional people classified teas according to the characteristics of the making method; wuyi tea brews red tea soup and red tea leaves, according to its nature as part of the "black tea". But the British idiomatic call "Black tea".

Black tea producing area distribution
China Wuyi Mountain is the red tea producing area. The mainly Chinese black teas varieties include: Keemum (qimen) red tea—producing in Anhui qimen; Dianhong black-producing in Yunnan; Yuehong red tea-producing in Zhejiang; Chuanhong black-producing in Sichuan; English black tea-producing in Guangdong; Ninhong black tea is producing in Jiangxi, it is the oldest Gongfu black tea in China.

Varieties classification of black teas
There are many types of black teas in the world, and producing areas also very wide, besides China, India, East Africa, Indonesia, Sri Lanka also produces broken black teas.

Processing and classification
According to the methods and processing of red tea, black teas generally can be divided into three categories: Lapsang souchong black tea, gongfu black tea, broken black tea and other black teas. There are many best black teas in China.
Souchong is the oldest black tea, at the same time, it is also the ancestor of black tea, other black teas are changed from souchong. Souchong black divided into lapsang souchong and outside-mountain souchong, they are all all originating in wuyi mountain area.
1, Lapsang souchong produced in wuyi city tongmuguan, so also known as the "star souchong" or "tongmuguan black tea".
2, Outside-mountain souchong,: produced in Fujian Zhenghe, Tanyang, Gutian, Shaxian and Jiangxi province.
3, Broken black tea: Black broken according to its shapes can be subdivided into leaf tea, broken tea, Fannings and dust tea; there are wide distributions of origin: Yunnan, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, mainly for export.
4, Instant black tea: instant tea is a kind of tea processed products, using pure natural tea raw materials, through modern biotechnology, condensed the essence ingredients of tea extraction, then through spray drying of nanoscale granular solid, solid drink can quickly dissolved in water.

Parts classification
Red tea according to parts in the tea tree and the shape of the tea is divided into different specifications:
P: Pekoe (baihao)
BP: Broken Pekoe
F: Fannings
S: Souchong
D: Dust
CTC: Crush Tear Curl

Four main best famous black teas in the world
Keemum red tea: China qimen red tea also named keemum black tea; it is the Chinese traditional kung fu tea, the famous tea in history. Keemum black tea produced in the late 19th century, is one of the three high aroma of tea in the world, it has the "heroes tea", "the best tea", "King cha" reputation. Qiinen red tea according to its quality is divided into 1 ~ 7 grades, mainly produced in qimen county, anhui province, is are mainly exported Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Russia and other countries, has been China's tea ceremony many years.

Darjeeling tea - India darjeeling tea produced in the Himalayan foothills north of India west Bengal darjeeling in plateau area, is one of the world's four famous black teas. Darjeeling tea with 5 ~ 6 month 2 tea quality as optimal, is known as the "champagne" in the black tea.

Uzbekistan - Sri Lanka: Ceylon upland black tea with good tea is the most famous, from the east side of the mountain area in Sri Lanka, is one of the four big black teas in the world.

Assam black tea – India: Assam black tea produced in India, tea leaf is flat, color dark brown; soup looks scarlet a bit brown, it has light aroma with wheat and rose, flavor is thick, it belongs to intense tea.

Nutrients of red tea
Red tea is rich in carotene, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, caffeine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, alanine and other nutritional elements.
Tea polyphenols in the fermentation process of chemical reactions in the fresh leaf chemical composition change is bigger, can produce theaflavins, tea red pigment, such ingredients, its aroma is more than fresh leaves, and has the unique color, aroma and taste.

Best health benefits of black teas
Red tea can help gastrointestinal digestion, promote appetite, diuretic, eliminate edema, and strong heart function. Rich in flavonoids can eliminate free radicals, resist acidification, reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction. The Chinese medicine traditional doctor says, tea also divides warm and cool, such as green tea belongs to cool, suitable for summer drinking. Black tea,and pu-erh tea slant warm tea, suitable for drinking in winter. As for the oolong tea, tieguanyin is relatively neutral. Nourishing the stomach effect to have black tea, refreshing and eliminate fatigue. The caffeine in black tea can concentrate thinking, enhance memory.

American medicine research related to redvtea. The study found that heart attack patients every day to drink 4 cups of black tea, hemal easy strength can be increased from 6% to 10%.Ordinary people after the stimulus, the shu strength will increase by 13%.

Black tea brewing
Place some red tea in the teapot, then immediately pull into the boiling water. Water temperature should be between 90 and 100 degrees, aroma and taste of tea can be fully released in hot water. Small Leaves soaking about 2 to 3 minutes, bigger black leaves requires 3 to 5 minutes. For the best black tea, it is advisable to choose white porcelain cup in order to view its color.

Black tea storage
Red tea storage should avoid high temperature and wet, do not save together with the spices to maintain the purity of the tea. Keep in the dark, dry place, after opening; it is best to drink as soon as possible to avoid taste and aroma running out, different tea should not be mixed drink to appreciate the good origin of the tea.




Other Name

Black Cha

Tea Type

Black Tea




Yunnan, Fujiang, China

Health Benefits

Red tea can help gastrointestinal digestion, promote appetite, diuretic, eliminate edema, and strong heart function.

Main Materials

 red tea leaf, red tea bud

Famous Types

Keemun Black Tea, lapsang souchong, keemun mao feng, Tanyang gongfu, Bailin gongfu etc. 

Loose packaging


Shelf life

24 Months 
 Remark Avoid shunshine directly, keep in dry 

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