Biluochun green tea Grade 1

Biluochun green tea originated in jiangsu, it is the top ten famous green tea in Chna. People also buy green tea for cosmetic benefit. Chinese green tea health benefits are often lauded by many people in the worldwide.

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Biluochun greentea grows from Dongting Lake in Suzhou Province. In Chinese it means “Spring Green Snail”. Biluochun greentea is one of Chinese rare greenteas of exceptional quality known all over the world. Since biluochun greentea’s shape likes snail and is collected in spring, it is then named as “spring snail tea”. The shapes of each buds of biluochun greentea should be even and curl as snail. The color of spring snail tea soup is crystal light green with refreshing smell. Biluochun greentea’s rich and mellow in taste is smooth and long-lasting.
Green Tea Benefits 1: Soothe stress, Boost brain power. Greentea contains a special compound called theanine, which has been known to stimulate alpha brain waves, calm the body, and promote relaxed awareness.
Green Tea Benefits 2: Burn fat. Its fat burning property helps you to burn fat and also to exercise longer - at the same time.
Green Tea Benefits 3: Prolong life. One of the largest population studies ever conducted: 40,530 Japanese adults were interviewed over the course of 11 years. Heavy greentea drinkers are also 26% less likely to die from heart disease.
Green Tea Benefits 4: Prevent and treat cancers Greentea anti-cancer prowess extends beyond its antioxidant activities.
Green Tea Benefits 5: Act as antioxidants, many experts believe antioxidants can slow down aging and prevent heart disease, strokes and cancers.

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