Baking tie guan yin anxi oolong tea C

Baking tie guan yin is a high quality oolong tea. Anxi is the famous Chinese oolong tea production area, tie guan yin and haungjingui are the most famous Anxi oolong teas and they regular have flowers scent. Oolong tea wholesales business is very hot all the time since the oolong tea benefits especially for weight loss.

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Baking tieguanyin produced in Anxi, Fujian province, it is one of China top ten best famous teas. Baking tieguanyin is curly, almost ball-like. Baking tieguanyin’s color is a dark brownish green. Once brewed, the liquid of Baking tieguanyin should be a beautiful amber color while inferior tea yields a dark brown color. Speaking of the flavor, Baking tieguanyin is arguably the most naturally aromatic Chinese tea. It has a penetrating floral scent but well balanced by a slightly bitter taste which morphs into a sweet aftertaste. The complexities in the flavor are what set Baking tieguanyin apart as the tea connoisseurs’ tea. Baking tieguanyin features: Crimped leaf, sandy green color, it looks like the head of dragonfly, leptospira and frog leg.

Benefits of oolong tea: Does the benefits of oolong tea really work for weight loss? Research shows drinking two cups of oolong tea every day not only helps shed stubborn pounds by boosting your metabolism.

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