Good Luck Jasmine Blossoming Tea

Jasmine blossoming tea also known  as jasmine blossom tea refers to use the tea and edible flowers as raw material, strapping to different flowers.

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Good luck blooming tea is made of superior green tea leaves and buds with lily and camellia is the core of the tea ball. When brewing the good luck blooming tea ball is soaked by hot water, and opens slowly with flowers coming out. Tens of pure whiter lily rising in a circle like bright moon on mid-autumn day. Flaming petals unfolding under the moon implies prosperous days in the future. The aroma of good luck blooming tea is rich and refreshing, the taste of good luck blooming tea is with strong and fragrance long-lasting. You will be able to smell the nature mellow of the tea and flower with an art enjoyment. Also, the tea and the natural flower have some medicinal health benefits to human.

Ingredients: Jasmine Flower, Silver Needle green tea

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